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About John Culviner

mountainHello and welcome to my blog! My name is John Culviner and I am currently an IT software consultant. I can’t say I started out with the plan to be a developer but I’ve found really digging into technology and the web fun! I feel I am extremely lucky to have found something that I really enjoy that I can also make a career out of (makes the days go by really fast I’ll tell you!)

This blog is currently focused around web development and related backend technologies. This could include Angular.js, C#, Groovy/Java, Node.js, MongoDB etc.

I hate to repeat what has likely been pounded into every developer’s head from the beginning of time but I truly feel that low coupling, high cohesion, DRY (don’t repeat yourself!) and SOLID principles are the keys to success in any development project. Expect this in my blog posts. If I didn’t achieve this or you have discovered a better way leave a comment and let the world know!.

Thanks for reading and enjoy, I look forward to hearing from you!


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