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Minify HTML with the DSL in AngularAgility Form Extensions 3

Minify HTML with the DSL in AngularAgility Form Extensions
tl;dr: Live Demo | Source | API Docs Whats a DSL? No I’m not talking about that internet that made you put all those “line filters” on your land-line phones. The DSL I’m thinking of stands for Domain Specific Language. What does that mean? Very simply it is a programming language that anyone can easily invent that is very specifically ...

Intro To Angular.js JavaScript MN Recording

My recent presentation at JavaScriptMN was live recorded onto YouTube. I got positive feedback of it being a good ‘Angular starter’ presentation so here’s a link if you’d ever like to watch. Let me know what you think!

JavaScript MN Presentation Links

JavaScript MN Presentation Links
Hi All, Thanks for coming tonight! I’m glad we had such great turnout despite all that snow… Here are some links from the presentation you might find useful. Thanks again for coming I hope you feel a little more comfortable with Angular and could maybe use it to replace jQuery or even in your next ...

Automatic Angular.js Validation Messages 33

Automatic Angular.js Validation Messages
TL;DR DEMO here SOURCE here   To put it bluntly I simply can’t say enough good things about Angular.js. I’ve been using it for the last year or so and have found amazing improvements and productivity not to mention I write way less, way simpler code (and its fun)! Lets talk about one area of ...

Expandable / collapsable table detail rows with Angular.js 24

Here is how to create expandable and collapsible tables with Angular.js. I couldn’t find any examples of this online and Angular.js only recently added official support for this in v1.2.0 with ng-repeat using ng-repeat-start/ng-repeat-end. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not really a fan of how this looks (I prefer Knockout.js’ “virtual element” approach in this situation) but it ...