Ajax.BeginForm AjaxOptions custom arguments for OnComplete, OnSuccess, OnFailure and OnBegin

Some interesting behavior I noticed recently about the Microsoft MVC 3 jQuery library jquery.unobtrusive-ajax.js is the ability to pass you own arguments into the handler.

Normally you have probably used it like this:

@using (Ajax.BeginForm(new AjaxOptions{OnComplete = "DefaultEditOnComplete"}))
    //Person data and submit button

This works pretty well but it’s not very clear if/how you could pass additional arguments into the OnComplete (possibly to get some code reuse anyone?). If you take a look at the jquery.unobtrusive-ajax.js source however it becomes apparent that you can actually pass any (*see notes at end of post) arguments you want into your OnComplete.


Here is an example of just that:

@using (Ajax.BeginForm(new AjaxOptions{OnComplete = "DefaultEditOnComplete(xhr, status, 'Person')"}))
    //Person data and submit button

Here is what the OnComplete JavaScript function looks like:

function DefaultEditOnComplete(xhr, status, entityName) {

    //xhr - the ajax response
    //status - the response text, ex. "success"
    //entityName - your custom argument, in this example 'Person'

    alert('DefaultEditOnComplete fired for ' + entityName);


This should work fine for all the types of events specified in AjaxOptions, but different argument names are available for the different events:

  • OnBegin – xhr
  • OnComplete – xhr, status
  • OnSuccess – data, status, xhr
  • OnFailure – xhr, status, error


*I have noticed one problem with passing arguments, do not include a ‘.’ in any passed arguments. The function ‘getFunction’ does a split on ‘.’ on passed arguments presumably for some JavaScript namespacing/method purposes?

6 thoughts on “Ajax.BeginForm AjaxOptions custom arguments for OnComplete, OnSuccess, OnFailure and OnBegin

  1. Scoured the net and couldn’t find the OnFailure parameters in order to get the actual error message, until I found this. Thanks!!

  2. If I have 2 Buttons
    I binded to both button AAK and Button PAAK
    Now when I click karivepak what will happen
    DLN Raju

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