jQuery File Download v1.1.0 Released

The Basics


Whats new?

In order to make jQuery File Download a little bit easier to use for a rich user experience (jQuery UI required) I have added some additional “options” arguments. These options arguments create a jQuery UI dialog using the specified HTML for different download lifecycle events.

  • preparingMessageHtml – this HTML is displayed in a jQuery UI dialog immediately after the user clicks a jQuery File Download enabled link. If the file download is a success or failure the dialog is automatically hidden.
  • failMessageHtml – this HTML is displayed in a jQuery UI dialog if a failure occurs in the file download.
  • dialogOptions – the “options” argument that gets passed into jQuery UI dialog. Lets you get all custom with your dialog set up if you’d like. Defaults to { modal : true }.

New Example Code


//the below uses jQuery "on" http://api.jquery.com/on/ (jQuery 1.7 + required, otherwise use "delegate" or "live") so that any
//<a class="fileDownload..."/> that is ever loaded into an Ajax site will automatically use jquery.fileDownload.js
//if you are using "on":
//you should generally be able to reduce the scope of the selector below "document" but it is used in this example so it
//works for possible dynamic manipulation in the entire DOM

$(function() {
    $(document).on("click", "a.fileDownloadSimpleRichExperience", function() {
        $.fileDownload($(this).attr('href'), {
            preparingMessageHtml: "We are preparing your report, please wait...",
            failMessageHtml: "There was a problem generating your report, please try again."
        return false; //this is critical to stop the click event which will trigger a normal file download!


Head on over to the demo to see it in action (top example)

More robust demo page

I have also added source toggling to the demo page so that it is very easy to see the corresponding source code to a given example.


As always let me know if you can think of any cool features to add or have any questions/problems.

7 thoughts on “jQuery File Download v1.1.0 Released

  1. I like the demos. Because this is MVC, I often use POST to indicate a file download (land on Route /a/b for a 'Generate File' button, post to Route /a/b to request file. I noticed you're using an iFrame in the source. Not sure if we can POST to an iframe. Would be interested to know if there's a parameter we could pass for GET vs POST in your code.

  2. Hi Ed,

    Great question. There currently isn't a mechanism to do this in the plugin. I would say well just use $.post(..) but wait we can't do that because of the whole file download part… ha. I think I have an idea on how to implement this. I'll post an update early next week to account for this and a few other tweaks/bug fixes. Also if you are interested this is on GitHub ready to be forked if you can think of some other good ideas. https://github.com/johnculviner/jquery.fileDownload

    Stay tuned…


  3. Almost done with adding support for any HTTP Method (POST included) you'd like! Just running into a few last problems with good old IE here…


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