jQuery File Download v1.3.0 released with mobile browser support

Mobile browser support

I have toiled through mobile cross browser inconsistancies (and you thought IE 6 was bad) to support both iOS and Android*! Other mobile browsers may work as well but I am unable to test them. Let me know if you find a bug or go fix it!

Added mobile support:

  • iOS 5.0 + (may work on earlier but can’t test)
  • Android 4.0 (may work on earlier but can’t test)
    • *There is a bug in the Android browser which makes it unable to perform non-GET file downloads. The plugin handles this by displaying an appropriate message to the user about this. If you have a situation where you think you need to do a POST remember you can always change serialize a form using jQuery and still do a GET in the end. Doing a GET to retrieve a resource is more REST friendly anyways

GitHub -> AppHarbor

In order to make things more transparent for everyone and make it easier to obtain a working demo I have published a working MVC solution along with jQuery File Download out on the GitHub repository. Whenever a successful commit is accepted in master it will be pushed out automatically to the demo site which is now hosted by AppHarbor

3 thoughts on “jQuery File Download v1.3.0 released with mobile browser support

  1. my file download is getting failed when i use https and it is working fine when i use http. Could you please tell what is the problem.

  2. I can't figure out how to download the plugin from this website. Either the link isn't working or it isn't obvious what to click.

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