Live Durandal.js demo application available now!

I have posted a live copy of  a non-trival “Survey App” demo using Durandal.js, Knockout.js, and FluentKnockoutHelpers as an example of the various frameworks. I’ll be going though and extending this application at Twin Cities .NET User Group next week. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Live Demo: (thanks AppHarbor!)

This demo should give you a good idea of what Durandal.js, Knockout.js, FluentKnockoutHelpers are capable of building (surprisingly easily) across a wide spectrum of different UI controls and paradigms. Also used in the demo: Require.js, WebAPI, Twitter Bootstrap and RavenDB.

The live demo is always sync’ed up with the GitHub repository available here:

GitHub Repo:

I have had great success with Durandal.js over the last few months that I have been developing on it professionally. I have even been part of pushing a pretty large complicated GUI intensive application to production on the platform!  It is simply amazing how productive Durandal.js, Knockout.js  and RavenDB is for creating complicated, GUI single page applications that would usually end up being big, complicated messes taking 3 times longer to develop.

Please let me know what you think of the demo and FluentKnockoutHelpers. Enjoy!






7 thoughts on “Live Durandal.js demo application available now!

  1. Hi John, I have recently discovered FluentKnockoutHelpers and started playing with them. Very interesting stuff. The only thing I have been missing so far is a way to use the KO template binding. Any chance that you will add it?

  2. Very interesting app. Just discovered about Durandal and it’s really amazing.
    Thanks for posting this demo.

    Do you know any other apps?
    Thank you

  3. Hi John,

    Excellent demo. I have a question:

    When I set required attribute on the color model on the name and color code property the grid allows me to save the invalid models. How can i prevent that and display error messages when users clicks on save ?


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