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MidwestJS Intro to Angular Slides / Links 1


Thanks to everyone that was able to attend my ‘Intro to Angular’ talk at MidwestJS I hope you found it useful. I enjoyed giving it!

Here are the slides from my presentation:
Intro To AngularJs MidwestJS

here’s the code for IntroTo Angular that we live coded

and the AngularAgility project that makes CRUD apps dead simple:

– Drastically reduce the amount of boilerplate, repetitive, error-prone HTML required to produce forms, labels and validation messages.
– Automatically generate Angular.js fields for use in form validation, their error messages AND labels.
– On blur and on invalid submit attempt showing of validation messages.
– Form extensions programatically extends forms at myForm.$aaFormExtensions = {…}
– Code is cleaner and easier to read. Form Extensions is DSL that distills your HTML down to only what is required.
– Feel free to use full blown markup whenever you want complete control.
– Mix and match the directive components of Form Extensions to get exactly what you’d like for each situation.
– It does exactly what you want: Everything is overridable on a global and per-instance basis through a rich provider model.



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