Twin Cities Code Camp 16 Presentation Slides / Links

Thanks for the great turnout at TCCC16 everyone. I’m glad to have presented on Angular and I hope I got some others pumped for it too!

Here are the slides from my presentation:
Intro To AngularJS Slide Deck

and the FaceFolio demo application we live coded:

and the AngularAgility project I’ve been working on that makes common UX patterns very easy with Angular:

  • —Generate Angular.js form fields, labels and rich validation messages with error notifications in one line of HTML
  • —A ‘DSL’ for Twitter Bootstrap (or whatever) because the markup is super verbose!
  • —Drastically reduce boilerplate HTML for form fields and validation messages
  • —Automatic form field validation message generation
  • —Form changed tracking, form resets, loading indicators, on-navigate away handling



Thanks again to everyone that could make it!

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